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Re: [wtp-dev] Content assist behaving oddly for JSPs

Thank you for your quick response, and I will log a bug report when I have
some useful detail thats worth logging, but at the moment there isn't much!

I have tried creating a small example project to show this, but with little
success - and the project it occurs in is a little on the huge side (not
that I'd be able to provide it either). Exactly the same problems have
occured for everyone in my department who has tried Galileo.

We use exactly the same steps that I used on previous Eclipses (a mix of
JBuilder2007, Europa and Ganymede).
After creating a new dynamic web app, setting up the build path, performing
the checkout from Surround SCM overwriting anything there and then
refreshing the project. There is one error in the only place I know to look
(that being the Window->show view->error log).

The error is :-
The Java indexing could not index
This .class file doesn't follow the class file format specification. Please
report this issue against the .class file vendor
but I dont think its likely this is to blame. . . 

Is there anywhere else in particular I should look for logs relevant to this
area of eclipse?


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