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RE: [wtp-dev] JEE Tools Status Meeting this week?


Just to say that I will not be able to attend the call today. 
I wish you a fruitful discussion.  


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Subject: [wtp-dev] JEE Tools Status Meeting this week?

Hi all:

Some small changes on Module Dependency example UI I've been working on 
again this week but nothing revolutionary. Notes below:

Primarily I've reduced the UI down to 2 columns, the first being the 
deploy path and the second being the source or reference. I've not 
completed the labeling for the second column, though.  The first column 
is editable within the page.

- I have reduced the number of columns to 2
- The UI can now change deploy path *and* archiveName in the descriptor 
component.xml file
- Both deploy path and archive name are editable in column 0 in the 
editor as one path, which is then separated during the operations
- I have not added UI for adding wb-resource elements as there was no 
general consensus on whether this is a desired feature
- I have not migrated the buttons into a multi-page wizard yet as there 
was no clear agreement on what should go into it

As you can see from the attached picture (look inside the editor) this 
can properly change both the archiveName and the deploy path.

To note, there are still many underlying issues with deploying this 
stuff as the deployment factories rarely expose these references 
properly... but we're not quite at that point yet... though we're 
getting there I feel.

So, thoughts on whether we need another discussion this week?

- Rob Stryker

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