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[wtp-dev] Reminder no status meeting ... and thanks!

Remember there is no status meeting today, 6/25, nor next week, 7/2. If 
there's any questions or issues that come up, please just ask on one of 
our lists. 

In our next meeting, 7/9, we'll spend some time having a software 
postmortem for our Galileo release; try and capture any facts about the 
previous year's release; things that went well, things that could be 
improved, and discuss possible priorities and action plans to improve our 
process. So, while you are (hopefully) taking a few deep breaths and 
relaxing after our Galileo release, be sure to make notes if anything 
comes to mind. 

And speaking of Galileo ... I wanted to express my sincere thanks and 
appreciation to all you committers, contributors, users, and adopters that 
make WTP the success that it is; and give my congratulations on yet 
another great release! Thank you. 

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