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Re: [wtp-dev] NullPointerException on autocomplete

Hi Moataz,

I think the scenario you describe should work.

Can you please open a bug against the JSDT component in the WTP Source Editing project.

If you could include your stack trace, attach a sample project that has the setup you were using, and the steps you took to cause the NPE that would be helpful.

We can continue any further discussion in the bugzilla once opened.


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Re: [wtp-dev] NullPointerException on autocomplete

Ok. I solved my problem. I made a mistake pf placing the html file
inside a packe in a java project. Now I put the html file in dynamic web
project and its working
Are the web files (js, html,etc..) only allowed to be placed in a web
projects. Because I remeber seeing mixed projects of java classes and
web files

Moataz Elmasry wrote:
> Hello Everyone
> I'm an error dialog with NULLPointerException when I try to autocomplete
> a _javascript_ in a *.html document.
> - I had wtp 3.0.4 and updated to 3.0.5 and still the problem exists
> - Debian Lenny
> - Eclipse 3.4.2 EE
> The stack trace from is attached
> Best regards and thanks in advance
> Moataz

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