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Re: [wtp-dev] clarification needed about bug submitting process

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 10:45 AM, David Carver <dcarver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> For the PsychoPath Xpath 2.0 patches you submit, I'm going to hold them
> until after Galileo is out the door.  Come early July, I plan to address all
> of your queued patches during that time period.   If you need them to appear
> in a maintenance release of PsychoPath we can also address them for any
> maintenance release.

Thanks, Dave.

I have additional 2-3 minor Psychopath patches in my mind just now,
which I'll post to bugzilla whenever I have them ready. You can test
and commit them in the project CVS, when your schedule allows that.

I think, having the patches queued up on the bugzilla system would be
ok, than keeping them on my PC locally.

Mukul Gandhi

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