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[wtp-dev] Transition to new Servers view, scheduled for this week

Please be advice that we just released changes that will replace the old 'Servers' view with the new proposed view. The new view was introduced in M4, but it wasn't displayed by default. Starting this week, this will change.

The new proposed view will be the default Servers view and the old view will have to be opened manually (Window > Show View > Other > Server). This item was planned as part of the '3.1 plan' under bug# 246282 [1], if you have any feedback please provide them using this bug. The old Server view will only be available for a short period of time but we intend to remove it in time for 3.1.

In the new 'Servers' view the State and Status columns have been removed. The information remains displayed by default, but now using the 'Server State Decorator' label decorator [2]. For more details about the view refer to the 3.1M4 'N&N' [3].

Please provide any feedback using bug# 246282 [1]




Best Regards,
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Mr. Angel Vera
Server Tools Developer for WTP and Rational
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Tel: 905-413-5919 - E-Mail: arvera@xxxxxxxxxx
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should not interfere with those who are willing to do it. - Angel Vera

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