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[wtp-dev] Source Editing vote required for XSL Move

The XSL Graduation and Move is gearing up, and ... looking ahead ... I've learned that there should be a vote on the mailing list for the XSL Committers (Dave Carver and Doug Satchwell).

Specifically, the Eclipse Development Process says
[When] A subset of code is moving out of one Project (A) and into another Project (B). --
Project B's Committers may not have new committers imposed upon them, thus project B's
Committers must elect (the subset of) Project A's Committers who are
moving with the code to Project B [...] Until such time as the Foundation portal supports
Committer election-style voting for Move Reviews, an election held on the
destination Project's developer mailing list will suffice.

So, assuming the rest of the Graduation and Move review succeeds as expected, please
document your approval of Dave and Doug joining the Source Editing project.

Those eligible to vote are:

Valentin Baciu
Philip Berkland
Bradley Childs
Keith Chong
Gabriel Indik
Kate Price
Nick Sandonato
David Williams
Nitin Dahyabhai


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