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[wtp-dev] JEE lib support


Sorry for the 75% user question here - but 25% is dev.

I was pretty sure/confident that after the latest changes to the EAR/lib support WTP would now support the JEE5 notion of EAR/lib and automatically pick these elements up on the classpath....but I simply cannot figure out how to setup the projects to do this.

The tools insists on adding the lib/*.jar to the of the ear and war's when I add the .jars under JEE Module Dependencies.

Adding the EAR libraries container also only seem to listen to what is in the and not what is (or should be) automatically exposed when you have a /lib folder in your EAR.

Before I go crazy looking for the right combination of setup I would just like to know if that is the expected behavior or if there is a magical way to avoid forcing redundant files on users ?

If it really is not possible then I really really would like to know what that "Change library directory" on EAR projects is for ? I thought I understood it last time we had this, but I must have lost it again.


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