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[wtp-dev] WTP 3.1 M6 Planning week..

WTP Project Leads,


The 3.1 M6 milestone, scheduled for March 20th, is the Feature complete, API Freeze, UI Freeze milestone. Please review the section included below from the WTP 3.1 Ramp down Plan for Galileo .


Update your project plan following the process listed on the wiki.

WTP 3.1 Planning wiki:

WTP 3.1 Project plan:



Raghu Srinivasan,



M6: Feature Complete, API Freeze, UI Freeze

For M6, we plan to be functionally and API complete and the remaining Milestone and Release Candidates are for (only) fixing bugs, or fixing release required items (such as version numbers, licensing, etc.).

From M6 to M7, we expect each component lead (or delegate) to review and verify their teams' bugs (i.e. no PMC review ... though we will be watching :) ).

We expect committers to concentrate on performance and other "internal" improvements, after M6, leading up to M7. In addition, it's a good time to improve documentation (for end-users and adopters).

If there are exceptions to these conditions, then they will require PMC review. In that event, the Project Lead must open a bugzilla, detailing the feature to be added after M6 and mark for PMC review. And that must be done before M6 is declared. Exceptions (with bug numbers) will also be listed at the end of this document, to help facilitate communication.

·         Place NLS or API or Feature in the heading of the bug depending on which type it is

·         Notify PMC memebers PMC Defect Review, 1 vote is needed

·         Once approved, code can be released

·         Update this page to append the bug at the bottom of the page




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