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Re: [wtp-dev] XSL formatter stops formatting

“  is not a legal character to have inside any XML, so that the formatter stops formatting when hitting this
charachter is no surprise. Any other well-behaved xml-parser will also stop parsing the XML when hitting this.

Just try to open the file in any browser, and it will report illegal character... IE will actually render the most of
it, but will have 'error'-comment down to the left. Firefox will not display it at all.

If You should try to create a DOM-tree with Jdom, and try to insert this character inside any element it would throw an
exception at You.

In short; You will have to avoid this charcter inside any XML-document..


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The XSL formatter stops formatting when it encounters “&#xA0;”.  This would seem like a trivial issue but we have very
complex XSLs.  If I cannot get around this issue I don’t think I will be able to use this tool for XSL editing.  Is
there something I can do to resolve this issue in preferences?  Am I posting this issue to the correct place?


Lance Campbell
Project Manager/Software Architect
Web Services at Public Affairs
University of Illinois
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