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[wtp-dev] Upcoming change to behavior of Java EE module refactoring


We are planning to modify the refactoring framework used by the Java EE Tools as documented in during WTP 3.1 M6. Please be aware that the current refactoring framework, which utilizes the DataModel framework, is insufficient for our needs- for example, it provides no preview of the changes (and indeed, provides no UI at all). Instead, we will be reutilizing the LTK framework that is provided by base Eclipse. (This gives us consistency with other refactoring operations, which includes the preview UI.) As such, we are asking for a review of this behavior change by the community. Please post any comments to . Also note that a small step in this direction was already added into WTP 3.0.4 via the preference in which allows for the disabling of the refactoring done via the DataModel framework.
And, to be clear, this change will not be committed until after Feb. 9, 2009, to ensure adequate time for review and comment, and thus will not be part of WTP 3.1 M5.


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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