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[wtp-dev] firefox3 browser issue in eclipse - self signed certificates not accepted

For some reason when your default browser is firefox 3 or later due to the feature of better security of firefox we cannot open a web site having self signed certificate inside the eclipse browser. I searched on the net regarding this on how to solve it. So far what I've found is that this is a bug in firefox and that until it is fixed at their end the issue will persist in eclipse. Since I use linux and firefox is the typical default browser I'm constantly facing this problem. I could not find a workaround for this problem anywhere. I'm not sure whether this issue was discussed in an earlier thread (or even in a different mailing list) because i couldn't find it. If i'm programatically launching the internal browser is there a way to make the browser ignore the proper certificates or to change the browser level of security? I know that this is a browser specific issue, but any lead on this would be highly appreciated.

Thank you,

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