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Re: [wtp-dev] XML Formatter Tests

David M Williams wrote:
In some cases this was done to avoid problems with end-of-lines ... cvs can change them and the tests ... those involving comparing a reference to a result ... behave differently on different platforms. If I recall, in some cases, we later improved some tests so they simply ignored EOL (or, took platform into account, etc.). So, I'd say that is the path to "... get these unzipped and stored into CVS".

My guess, just glancing at the test case in the bug, is you could "start afresh" with just that one file, not put it in the zip, but then be sure to take into account EOLs.
I found out that the tests weren't in the standard testFiles directory, but burried down underneath the source directory. Anyways, I provided a unit test patch for the bug that reproduces the formatting issue.


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