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[wtp-dev] Beginning our Auto IP Log Practice

Project Leads: 

We can discuss more at status meeting, but wanted to send this note 
in advance, as it might improve that discussions or lead to 
questions you might have. 

And, I'll say first, you may have questions I don't have the answer to! 

But, there is quite a bit of good documentation

Dali has been polishing one up for their December release review, so you 
might look at it, to see a relatively clean one.

And, for "dirty" ones, see yours below! :)

As a first step, you'll notice (in red) that these auto IP Logs require
some project meta-data which you have not yet defined for your sub-
project (such as the bugzilla URL). So, please define what's required
... via the normal portal mechanisms. This will be a one-time step.

As a second step, which will become an on-going change in our workflow
for all committers, we will all have to start setting the IP Log+ flag
on bugzilla patches, from non-committers that we use. Note: Long ago, I
told some of you (as it was originally planned) that some of this would
be semi-automatic, but it turns out that is not the case. It was decided
that there was no good way to do it well automatically, so its
completely "manual". But should be pretty easy, once we get used to it.

Later we can discuss the "CQ Log" that's computed, but I think that'll
be pretty easy.

There are a few other changes to our workflow: 

A. We should strive to keep this logs accurate on an on going basis,
instead of waiting until the yearly release review ... it would be very
hard work then! (not to mention, we're required to keep it accurate per
Eclipse Dev. process!) ... it seems each milestone would be a good time
for you to set aside a few hours and to make sure all is accurate.

B. The biggest part of the milestone checks will be to correct things
that are wrong. For example, if someone pastes code in a bugzilla
(instead of attaching patch) and we mark the whole bug with IPLog +,
then it is likely the automatic scripts will include too many names in
the IP Log ... it includes all names commenting on a bug, in that case
... and we'll have to manually correct the log, by excluding some

C. The biggest change of all ... the IP Log is now a Project Lead
responsibility! Well, technically it always has been, and I just helped,
usually with only a few questions to each of you around release review
time. And, I am still willing to help whenever I can, just ask!

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