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Tentative IP Log for webtools.servertools

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
3309Jetty Version: 6.1.15 (Subset) (using Orbit CQ3031)Apache License, 2.0 + Custom Permissive OS Licensesunmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseType
3694application servers (works with) Version: naVariousworks with

Unused Approved Contributions

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseStatus
212Apache Cactus Version: 1.7.2Apache Software License 1.1, Apache 2.0 (Http), Mozilla 1.1obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2296Jetty Version: 5.1.14 (*Subset) (PB CQ1962) (using Orbit CQ2080)Apache License, 2.0 + Custom Permissive OS Licensesobsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2365Junit Version: 3.8.1 (ATO CQ296) (using Orbit CQ2207)Common Public License 1.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used
2366httpclient Version: 2.0.2Apache License, 2.0obsolete: was used in the past but is not longer used


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Naci Dai eteration A.S.
Timothy Deboer IBM
Gorkem Ercan Red Hat, Inc.
Rob Frost
Steven Hung IBM
Larry Isaacs SAS
Kate Price IBM
Angel Vera IBM
David Williams IBM
Elson Yuen IBM

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
Administrator (
2d70da 3 lines [442420] org.eclipse.jst.server.core.tests is not completed due to a
Alexander Silgidjian (
371600 830 bytes RejectedExecutionException is thrown if Finish is clicked and then trying to edit the host name field
Attachment 212488: patch
373742 1316 bytes FileNotFound and ResourceExceptions when Deleting Servers Configuration
Attachment 212493: patch
425937 1148 bytes Web Project's classpath container for Tomcat 8 is empty
Attachment 241950: Patch proposal
439245 887 bytes IInstallableRuntime does not work with addresses that provide file name as query param
Attachment 244932: patch proposal
Alexandrina Ivanova (
349434 1517 bytes [hotbug] Next button disabled when choosing existing server host name from the new server wizard
Attachment 201721: Wait the Timer to finish instead return 'false'.
Brian Gardner (
334977 1025 bytes When WTP published a jsp on / context project, whole tomcat work directory is removed and regenerated
Attachment 248841: normalize "/" to "" inside WebModule module to match behavior elsewhere
Carl Anderson (
326318 2493 bytes Server never shows publishing state and in sync state prematurely
Attachment 181093: Deprecate ServerContentProvider.publishing instead of removing
Danny Ju (
317257 844 bytes Server view should call refreshServerContent() when server state changes
Attachment 172178: Change was commented out in last patch
Dimitar Giormov (
349434 986 bytes [hotbug] Next button disabled when choosing existing server host name from the new server wizard
Attachment 205421: next patch
Dimo Stoilov (
264859 994 bytes Error dialog provides no info about the reason for IServer.restart() failure.
Attachment 125649: the exception has to be passed to the status constructor, instead of passing null
Dobromir Zahariev (
389699 1497 bytes Run on server on starting server will not publish if the module is changed
Attachment 223178: Check does the republish should be done in front of the starting.
Elson Yuen (
249379 935 bytes TCPIP Monitor port UI problem
Attachment 121854: v1.0
258184 3547 bytes Server objects on the Servers view does not show lightweight decorators
Attachment 119974: v1.0
261093 4745 bytes Publish occurs during run on server even the server is synchronized.
Attachment 122724: v1.1
262575 1250 bytes Published application doesn't show State as "Started" for the modules
Attachment 123889: v1.0
271194 1554 bytes Restart module cause server to stop
Attachment 130888: v1.0
280815 6499 bytes Enhance the IServerWorkingCopy API to allow setting the timeout and publishers state
Attachment 152545: v1.1
287442 3077 bytes Publish Server job doesn't check the status of the startjob
Attachment 145460: v1.0
288950 866 bytes NPE while clicking on Server Editor
Attachment 146754: v1.0
288992 1562 bytes Published project modules missing the "Started" status in the Servers view
Attachment 154662: v1.0
296591 978 bytes Layout problem on Add/Remove module dialog
Attachment 153499: v1.0
299287 1517 bytes Typo in UI control placement control
Attachment 155785: v1.0
300255 2429 bytes Adopter may have other constraints for checking name conflicts
Attachment 156714: v1.0
309047 1625 bytes Need to skip some file when do publishSmart(...) using PublishHelper
Attachment 164842: v1.0
311794 4657 bytes PublisherDelegate do not provide delta kind information on execute()
Attachment 167327: v1.1
312116 2370 bytes Project specific scheduling rule does not setup properly for mulitple modules case
Attachment 167541: v1.0
313184 1259 bytes The Server Runtime Environment list is unreadable in High Contrast mode
Attachment 168772: v1.0
315836 3018 bytes Server tooltips are difficult to extend
Attachment 176899: v1.0
319288 16551 bytes Publishers may either cause lock conflicts or duplicate publishes
Attachment 174149: v1.1
323455 2679 bytes SocketUtil.isLocalhost() method takes a long time
Attachment 177458: v1.0
Eric Norman (
209726 1884 bytes Enabling the 'Also create a new local server' check box' when configuring the JBoss 4.2 Runtime Server results in an invalid Server Properties field
Attachment 83097: proposed patch
Eugene Chan (
232388 1976 bytes Profile server cotinues when delegate fails to start and throws exception.
Attachment 100526: patch to problem
Gary Karasiuk (
312405 1034 bytes PublishJob could be more thread safe
Attachment 167902: example of making things safer
Grant (
363892 5770 bytes On the Server / Web Modules page, Auto Reload is enabled by default. It would be nice to have the option to make it disabled by default instead. PATCH INCLUDED - I've written a patch to add this feature.
Attachment 207080: A patch file for org.eclipse.jst.server.tomcat.ui
Greg Amerson (
454383 978 bytes ModifyModulesComposite does not look good on dark theme
Attachment 249227: patch #1
Jacek Pospychala (
183330 2136 bytes classpath configuration in server launch is misleading
Attachment 65514: a very simple patch that applies classpath to generic server
Jason Duan (
278259 1158 bytes Can't create a new server if rename an existing one
Attachment 137531: patch for this defect.
282922 1946 bytes Server will not change to republish status after web module changed
Attachment 141200: a test patch
295494 2693 bytes RuntimeClasspathContainer should update runtime if it is null
Attachment 152496: a proposed patch
308240 2048 bytes Publish progress monitor doesn't update task and sub-task messages
Attachment 163936: proposed fix
370766 927 bytes Auto publish will not triggered for structure changes
Attachment 210620: v1.0
399674 888 bytes ServerUtil.modifyModules() uses parents randomly
Attachment 226413: Potential fix
Jonathan West (
478671 1893 bytes On Ubuntu, Paste action throws 'Data does not have the correct format data type' exception in Servers view, on selection change
Attachment 256927: Patch to PasteAction
Konstantin Kolinko (
351040 903 bytes Wrong URL for web-app_2_5.xsd in generated ROOT webapp for Tomcat
Attachment 237409: Patch for of org.eclipse.jst.server.tomcat.core plugin
Krzysztof Daniel (
289573 2143 bytes XMLViewer makes (apparently) invalid assumptions about TransformerFactory
Attachment 147297: Fix proposition
338630 2397 bytes Dnd-ing a project does not republish it
Attachment 191283: Trivial fix proposition
Leo Dos Santos (
290965 1232 bytes the org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.serverToolTip extension point does not accept multiple contributions for a server type
Attachment 148468: Patch to load multiple tooltip contributions
Mike Reid (
307413 1288 bytes Preferences > Server > Profilers combo-box fills whole panel on Linux
Attachment 163291: proposed fix
337349 2811 bytes org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.editorPageSection property tester not called on first open
Attachment 189537: Proposed patch
Paul Kim (
293398 1312 bytes HTTP Preview Server does not start - "Could not find JRE executable"
Attachment 218743: HTTP Preview Server bug fix for Eclipse 4.2 Juno
Paul Klicnik (
270503 17730 bytes Only one extender of org.eclipse.jst.server.core.serverProfilers gets called
Attachment 132124: updated patch
Petya Sabeva (
352197 997 bytes Next button is not disabled when entering an invalid server hostname in the New Server wizard
Attachment 200268: patch proposal
355364 1148 bytes when hostname is blank the Next button of the wizard must be disabled on server supporting remote
Attachment 201907: Disable Nect button when empty server hostname
Raymond Lai (
341662 958 bytes NPE on Run On Server creating a new server
Attachment 192382: Updated patch to fix NPE
Rob Stryker (
164181 2056 bytes RuntimeBridge has non-deterministic behavior
Attachment 53654: Changed mappings from <String, IRuntimeComponentVersion> to <String, ArrayList<IRuntimeComponentVersion >>
217783 4231 bytes UI inconsistancy for restart / start server icons in Servers view
Attachment 93689: More acceptable change, doesn't use weird NLS bindings ;)
219065 2786 bytes In case the stopping of the server fails the stop server job doesn't stop
Attachment 91960: Change to IServerListener to check for started state
224013 1410 bytes RunOnServerLaunchConfigurationTab causes errors
Attachment 93515: Patch to just ignore NPE's
224027 2885 bytes default LaunchableAdapter value causes error for run on server
Attachment 93532: registers the default launch adapter with the registry so it can be found later
246156 2568 bytes Clicking "add" for runtimes in the new server wizard should change combo selection
Attachment 112350: When a new runtime is created, it is automatically selected
250500 2912 bytes ConcurrentModificationException while firing new server event
Attachment 126822: clone server and runtime lifecycle lists instead of synch
260964 11010 bytes Request id for showInQuickMenu
Attachment 122508: a cleaner action provider with separators with id's
282483 16688 bytes [Publishing] Allow publish *only* on build events rather than resource change events
Attachment 154151: New Patch, runs auto-publish on project close / delete events
337777 1936 bytes ServerClasspathContainerPage not initialized properly, leads to error when changing page
Attachment 189451: Fixes the initialization
386732 1125 bytes ServerToolTip escape on focussed tooltip not working perfectly
Attachment 219619: Patch to respond to shell closing to reset data
Rob Stryker (
30e183 464 lines [465141] start job executed twice during 'restart' action
Sarika Sinha (
487287 720 bytes Downloadable server adapter dialog is broken
Attachment 259645: License Fragment for Runtime Preference wizard
488507 4617 bytes Duplicate entries in New Runtime Wizard for Installed server adapters
Attachment 261663: server core
493903 560 bytes Runtime Server wizard does not refresh on Auto/Manual refresh of Downloadable adapter list
Attachment 261826: Rest Runtime Wizard list on Refresh
Sheldon Wosnick (
296731 22460 bytes New extension point to control behaviour of UI controls in the server editor.
Attachment 155800: Working patch
296945 988 bytes [Ease of Use] Allow show() and hide() for the hostname decoration
Attachment 153827: Patch to show() and hide() the host name associated decoration
297229 3131 bytes Need to manually reselect server type a second time after changing host name
Attachment 154035: Proposed fix
Steven Hung (
320637 2335 bytes HTTP Server Overview HTTP port: input does not allow ports over 100
Attachment 217311: Patch v1.0
337763 3248 bytes SocketUtil.isLocalHost still freezing, affecting Server Editor load time
Attachment 202168: Patch v1.0
351899 2736 bytes action properties passed to RunOnServerAction can be ignored
Attachment 210232: Patch v1.0
352001 1599 bytes Intermittent problem when changing server hostname in server editor can mess up sever status
Attachment 200861: Patch v1.0
352683 949 bytes AbstractServerAction's run method incorrectly assumes iterator will have elements
Attachment 200040: Initial patch
354008 2466 bytes JUnit error in WTP 3.4.0: Actual width less than preferred width for empty labels
Attachment 200990: Patch v1.0
357424 9818 bytes Module status change doesn't fire a change event
Attachment 203362: Patch v1.1
357426 2420 bytes org/eclipse/wst/server/core/internal/ServerNotificationManager bitwise kind check is incorrect
Attachment 203308: Patch v1.0
367977 953 bytes ServerEditorSection's doSave() does not handle a null monitor
Attachment 209267: Patch v1.1
368478 4043 bytes NPE in org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.editor.ServerEditorPart.doSaveAs() causes JUnit failure
Attachment 210076: Patch v1.0
368492 3628 bytes Finish button not disabled when no entries selected
Attachment 216956: Patch v1.0
369819 4637 bytes Context menu not available if server is empty
Attachment 210696: Patch v1.1
371828 2769 bytes IllegalArgumentException when trying to delete a Server from server definitions
Attachment 212070: Patch v1.0
376506 9066 bytes New Server wizard doesn't block user from creating server with existing name
Attachment 216227: Patch v1.0
376658 1463 bytes Run on Server Wizard server name and status cannot be re-sized
Attachment 213935: Patch 1.0
377000 1451 bytes Run on Server Wizard server name and status cannot be re-sized (target for 3.3 patches)
Attachment 214127: Patch 1.0
377003 1451 bytes Run on Server Wizard server name and status cannot be re-sized (target for 3.4)
Attachment 214130: Patch v1.0
377219 792 bytes Version error for WTP I-3.4.0-20120419070008/
Attachment 214273: Patch v1.0
377533 3084 bytes Server view tooltip not colour accessible
Attachment 214808: Patch v1.0
377566 2855 bytes The server timeout timer begins at the incorrect time
Attachment 214488: Patch v1.0
377835 2554 bytes The JavaDoc and implementation isn't consistent for utility method ServerUtil.setRuntimeDefaultName() - Port to WTP 3.2.5 patches
Attachment 214639: Patch v1.0
377845 2802 bytes The server timeout timer begins at the incorrect time (port to 3.3.2 patches)
Attachment 214656: Patch v1.0
378172 3084 bytes Server view tooltip not colour accessible (port for 3.3.2 patches)
Attachment 214879: Patch v1.0
378492 3782 bytes Basic Http Service Preview broken on Juno
Attachment 215813: Patch v1.0
378493 3863 bytes Basic J2ee Preview server broken on Juno
Attachment 215801: Patch v1.2
381097 1731 bytes Runtime search function results in duplicate entries on Server Runtime Environments preferences page
Attachment 216788: Patch v1.1
381623 2263 bytes Unable to search for Tomcat 7 runtime via the runtime search function
Attachment 216785: Patch v1.0
Thanh Ha (
423362 3888 bytes Add missing tycho-p2-plugin for generated source features (servertools)
Attachment 238085: servertools.patch
Tomoki Shiratori (
226242 590 bytes Server view does not initialize the enablement of the popup menu correctly.
Attachment 95346: An example of the bug fix
Troy Bishop (
240918 1172 bytes Publish should not occur if starting the server fails
Attachment 107487: Possible patch to ensure the start Status is displayed and publishing does not occur if start fails
248968 1213 bytes Minor error in server tools tracing information
Attachment 113758: patch for tracing information
304267 1418 bytes "Server State Decorator" label is only in English
Attachment 160531: possible patch.
306430 3372 bytes New server wizard performance is poor
Attachment 162458: possible patch.
311934 5679 bytes wst.server.ui uses the Trace class from wst.server.core
Attachment 167343: patch for WTP 3.2
315829 909 bytes GeneralToolTip text field is editable
Attachment 171162: possible patch
322261 1267 bytes WTP needs an API on ServerPublishInfo to rebuild the cache for a specific module
Attachment 176258: possible patch to allow adaptors to destroy/rebuild the cache of a specific IModule
322397 3344 bytes The entire module cache is destroyed if a publisher modified modules.
Attachment 176369: possible patch
328968 3367 bytes jUnit failures in jst.server.tomcat
Attachment 184189: possible patch
337592 21121 bytes Various WTP Server Tools bundles contain classes with copyright statements that need updating
Attachment 190877: patch to update copyrights
337907 447580 bytes Reduce the amount of Strings created when tracing is disabled
Attachment 190905: equilvalent patch for HEAD
338940 1711 bytes IServer#start(String, IOperationListener) does not notify the listener in error situations
Attachment 190938: patch for just this problem
Wojciech Galanciak (
267188 4073 bytes It is possible to overwrite locked server runtime
Attachment 151085: solution
Wolfgang Knauf (
257823 5628 bytes Unable to add JBoss 5.0 as server
Attachment 120132: Fixed Serverdef for JBoss 5 with jbossweb.sar/*jar
258181 5628 bytes Wrong JBoss 5 JSF libraries
Attachment 120133: Fixed Serverdef for JBoss 5 with jbossweb.sar/*jar


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