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Re: [wtp-dev] best way to deal with classpath of changing jar files?

Thanks for your input. As Gorkem requested, I filed


Naci Dai wrote:
- Generic server definition files allow for ant style wild cards <include> <exclude> expressions.

-We usually provide at leat one <archive> that is used for validation purposes (i.e. wild cards do not provide a named item to check against, but using the archive and a named item we can check the existence, therefore validate the correctness of path selections)

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 10:36 PM, <raccah@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:raccah@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    We're using the generic server adapter framework and the
    GenericServerRuntimeTargetHandler for the runtimeClasspathProviders
    extension.  We have a list of jar files in a <classpath></classpath>
    entry in our serverdef.  The problem is, the list of jar files in
    our server keeps changing, and it's quite difficult to keep up with
    it, and even if we keep up with it, if a user gets a different
    plugin version than the one meant to work with a particular server
    build, he's kind of stuck.

    These are the types of jar file changes that occur:
    1) some string in the jar file name (like version number) is either

    2) some jar files are optional - they may be found in a server with
    a particular functionality enabled, but not in another server which
    is barebones.  If the functionality exists, I would like it
    automatically in the build path.

    3) renaming/changing of the jar file contents

    I think for 1, a regex/wildcard type functionality would help.  For
    2, I  could see marking something as optional.  For 3, I don't know
    of any way to work that in....

    My questions -
    Is it possible to account for these types of changes in an
    xml/serverder/classpath definition?

    If not, is my option to provide an alternate (java based) classpath
    provider?  If yes, is there a good example for me to look at somewhere?

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