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[wtp-dev] WTP Project Plan for Galileo..

Hello WTP Project Leads,


As you all know, we need to create the project plan for the Galileo release of WTP in the standard format provided by the Eclipse Foundation. We also need to create a plan for each of the subprojects. I have created the first cut of the plan for most of the subprojects in WTP.
I need you to update the projectplanurl field for your project from the Eclipse Portal,  I don’t have the permission to update this for all the subprojects. Once you do that, you can view the plan by going to the home page for your project, (like ), scroll down to the Project Plan section and click on the link that says, pending standard form.

This is a first-cut of the plan. I have to tweak the bugzilla queries for each subproject to group the bugs that are associated with a theme. I will also be making changes to the sections that are common to all the subprojects to make it simpler to manager them. Once I complete these changes, as project leads, you will be required to maintain the plan, including defining new themes and grouping the bugs under them. The project plan wiki has the details, .

Following are the URL for each of the subprojects:

WTP Common Tools:

EJB Tools:

Java EE Tools:

Server Tools:

Source Editing:

Web Services :



Raghu Srinivasan



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