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[wtp-dev] Modelling multiple runtimes in one server


$subject have been on my mind for a long time and I have been looking high and low for answers but I just can't get my head around how this is supposed to be done in WTP/Facets.

JBoss AS is a server that you can start and stop, but such server will be able to contain multiple runtimes, i.e. J2EE, Portal, ESB, SIP-server etc. Each of these runtimes can be expressed as being able to have one or more facets enabled/disabled on it and these runtimes can all be used separatly and together.

*but* I don't see how WTP support this notion. Each server can only have *one* runtime.

The only way I can see this work is to allow *any* facet to be installed on JBoss AS server even though that is wrong dependent on which configuration users are activating - but that means that users can
enable facets on a server that won't work if deployed....

How is the facet framework supposed to be used with this ? Which servers are limited to only one specific runtime/deployment scenario ?


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