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Fw: [wtp-dev] wtp axis2 tutorial fails

Hi Ye,

Please note that wtp-dev is for the purpose of discussion issues related to developing for WTP.  Please use the WTP newsgroup for WTP usage questions in the future.

So the short answer to your question is you would get 2 client files generated if you use Axis2 v1.3 or newer but would get 6 files as indicated in the original tutorial if you use Axis2 v1.2.

The more up-to-date version of the tutorial is at:

This is the current Axis2 tutorial link provided in the WTP tutorial page:

The link you used was an old link and we'll have to redirect it to the new page (yes, I just noticed that a few images are missing from the new tutorial).  We'll be fixing this up soon :).


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[wtp-dev] wtp axis2 tutorial fails

Dear Alll:
I am using eclipse 3.4.0 jee-mac, with a update from wtp-3.0.1 online repository.
I tried to follow the tutorial given in
Unfortunately, after creating an "Axis2WSTestClient", instead of the client java list shown via aforementioned tutorial, I noticed only two java files are created (ConverterStub, ConverterCallbackHandler) by my WTP.
Is this because of the new WTP/Axis2 version? Or something wrong with my environment?
If it's a correct output of latest wtp/axis2, is there any tutorial based on this version?

Thanks a lot!

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