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Re: [wtp-dev] Community Voting on Bugs

David M Williams wrote:

I'm not sure what the right maximum votes is ... I was going to guess 50! ... but did investigate and found that "20" is the most used in Eclipse, by the Mylin project and the Platform project -- so we'll at least be in good company :)
Thanks. I think 20 should be more than enough, and as you said help keep people to voting for what they think is really critical. The newsgroup lately has been getting a bit more active. One thing I think would help, is if we could get a few more committers monitoring the newsgroups from time to time.

I see, Nitin, Larry, Amy, and yourself their fairly regularly. Some of the others show up from time to time, but some of the WTP components don't have much coverage of the news groups. Anyways, I know that we can only do so much, and we can't all be Ed Merks (the guy is a newsgroup addict. <smile>).


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