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Re: [wtp-dev] Community Voting on Bugs

> Is there a particular reason we have a limit on the number of bugs one
> can vote for?  

I think the only reason is this forces users to discriminate the really really most important bugs, and therefore keep the "most voted" lists more meaningful.

But, what's the right number? Hard to say, and I, surprisingly, could not find out anything by searching the web, for "recommended" levels of max votes or similar ... seems like it should be some function of number of lines of code, or, maybe better, a function of total number of bugs open.

For now, I have increased all the WTP projects (called 'products' in bugzilla) from 10 to 20 max votes. Also, we plan to group current components into more 'products' (other than just 'Web Tools', 'JSF', 'Dali') which will effectively increase number of bugs per users ... can have 20 in Server Tools, 20 in Source Editing, 20 in Webservices, etc.

I'm not sure what the right maximum votes is ... I was going to guess 50! ... but did investigate and found that "20" is the most used in Eclipse, by the Mylin project and the Platform project -- so we'll at least be in good company :)


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