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[wtp-dev] Re: wtp-dev Digest, Vol 39, Issue 22

David, you asked the following:

"But, that is _user_ documentation, not "SDK for platform extenders" documentation" so hope not all the end-users have to see our JavaDoc?
Or is that the plan just because it's late and no time to do correctly?
Or, am I wrong and that really is the best thing to do? (We'll want to be consistent, if so). "

I have added the anchors that the javadoc will attach to in the org.eclipse.wst.doc.user plugin because it allows us to get rid of the existing jst and wst isv doc plugins and not add a new one. Since I've only added anchors, nothing will be visible to the user unless the javadoc plugins are installed. It seemed like the cleanest possible approach to getting the javadocs in.

Kate Price

WTP user assistance
IBM Toronto Lab
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