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[wtp-dev] Checking out org.eclipse.wst.doc.user

I was trying to follow Kate's instructions to update my JavaDoc, but I couldn't check out the org.eclipse.wst.doc.user project.
Does anyone know what the problem is? This is the error that I get:

cvs co -d "org.eclipse.wst.doc.user" -P -A "/org.eclipse.wst.doc.user"
    cvs [checkout aborted]: there is no repository /cvsroot/webtools/webtools.releng/docs/org.eclipse.wst.doc.user
The server reported an error while performing the "cvs checkout" command. (took 0:00.281)
   Error: : cvs [checkout aborted]: there is no repository /cvsroot/webtools/webtools.releng/docs/org.eclipse.wst.doc.user

Gary Karasiuk, RAD Performance Analyst
TL-969-3985, external: (905)-413-3985

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