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[wtp-dev] How to test new plug-ins?

I'm having a real problem with the latest driver trying to figure out how to test a patched plug-in.

I've downloaded and upzipped the latest WTP driver and pre-req's.

I have an updated version of my plug-in that I want to test, but I can't seem to get the driver to pick it up. It has a later qualifier than the plug-in that is in the driver.
I've tried putting it in several different places:
  • eclipse/plugins
  • eclipse/dropins
  • eclipse/dropins/eclipse/plugins

but it won't get picked up and I don't see any errors as to why not.  I wonder if it because my jar is not signed??
(I'm running some performance tests so I'd prefer not to run it from a development environment).

Is this working for other people? Is there some trick that I'm missing. (I have been using -clean).  

Gary Karasiuk, RAD Performance Analyst
TL-969-3985, external: (905)-413-3985

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