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RE: [wtp-dev] Re: Java EE server adapter questions

As a fellow WTP extender/investigator I found the same issue. There is
no tutorial on anything other than the basic generic server material
found at the website and in the WTP book.

The only reference for a non-generic server is the tomcat server adaptor
source code.

As for the difference in capabilities the simple answer is that a
generic server behaves as described elsewhere, whereas with a custom
server you can do "anything you want". That is, using a custom server
adapter you can put any Java code you want.

Hope this helps, I held of from answering before because I thought
someone (from the WTP team) would have replied. I imagine they're
getting ready for eclipseCon next month, which incidentally is an ideal
place to grab them and ask these questions.


Mark Walker.
Technical Architect for Tools Avaya UK.

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I never got a response to this, so trying once more.  If this is the
wrong alias, please point me at the correct one.


raccah@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I'm an Eclipse and WTP newbie, so please help me get started!
> I'm working on improving an existing Java EE server adapter which uses

> the generic server support.  I've also just read through the Adding 
> New Servers chapter of Eclipse Web Tools Platform: Developing Java(tm)

> Web Applications.
> My questions:
> 1) Is there a document describing the types of things you can do with 
> a custom server vs. a generic one?  Is there a good tutorial on 
> writing a custom one?
> 2) One of the things I was trying to do was improve the "Missing 
> classpath entry" message in the New Server dialog when pointing at a 
> location which was not really an installed server.  I found that the 
> Geronimo plugin does this in a WizardFragment subclass, but I'm not 
> clear on whether I need a custom adapter just for this or I can 
> provide a replacement WizardFragment for this.  And, if just a wizard 
> fragment, I see it is discouraged to subclass the built in 
> org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.ui.internal.GenericServerRuntimeWizardF
> ragment in internal packages... What is the best way to go about doing

> something like this?
> 3) What's the best way to control the color of my server console text?

> Right now it's all red - shouldn't that only be for errors?
> I'm sure I'll have more questions later.
> Thanks!
> Rochelle
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