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Re: [wtp-dev] Disabling validation in JUnit tests

Yes, there is new API to do this.

Please see: org.eclipse.wst.validation.ValidationFramework

         * Suspends, or undoes the suspension of, validation on all projects in the workbench. If
         * "suspend" is true then validation is suspended and if it's "false" then validation is not suspended.
         * The value of this variable is not persisted.
         * <p>
         * Be VERY CAREFUL when you use this method! Turn validation back on in a finally block because
         * if the code which suspended validation crashes, the user has no way to reset the suspension.
         * The user will have to shut down and restart the workbench to get validation to work again.
        public void suspendAllValidation(boolean suspend) {
                _suspendAllValidation = suspend;

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[wtp-dev] Disabling validation in JUnit tests

We have for some time using the code below under the belief that it would disable build validation, however stack traces I'm seeing in our JUnit output lead me to believe that validation is running.  Are there other things that need to be done to disable validation in builds?

final GlobalConfiguration config = new GlobalConfiguration(ConfigurationManager.getManager().getGlobalConfiguration());




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