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[wtp-dev] EJB 3.0 Session Bean wizard introduced in 3.0 I-build

Title: EJB 3.0 Session Bean wizard introduced in 3.0 I-build


The first version of the EJB 3.0 Session Bean wizard is included in this week's I-build (to be declared today or tomorrow). Check out the following committer build or a later one:

Next week there will be some more changes on the wizard as well as some refactoring of the code. So, please do not adopt the wizard (by referring thet code) in your product until final 3.0 M4.

If you have any comments on the design or behaviour of the wizard, please share them in the bugzilla record:

There is already a comment ( in the bug that the wizard has to be extensible for technologies like JPA and WS.

I'd like to kindly ask the parties that plan to extend the Session Bean wizard to describe in details their scenarios, so we can count them in the design of the wizard.

Kaloyan Raev
Eclipse WTP Committer
Senior Developer
SAP Labs Bulgaria
T +359/2/9157-416

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