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[wtp-dev] RE: Heads up about a committed / unreleased change

These changes have now been released. JPT guys got a chance to test out the change to their code this morning and will be releasing shortly. Hopefully, the gap will not produce any broken builds.
For reference, the changes in question center around the following bugs:
[138074] Create a data model for the Add/Remove Facets wizard
[143075] [UI] De-emphasize the facets selection panel for basic cases
[191712] [UI] Facets description hover help is not sufficient
[198116] Facet constraint display issues
[198187] Textual Contraints
There is a new api that got introduced as part of this change. In order to create this api, a bunch of internal code in facet.ui plugin had to change. I ran the adopter usage check against this change and it didn't show anything. However, if you are an adopter and you do discover that your code is impacted by this, contact me and I will look into making reasonable accomodations for your usage. The new API should be considered in provisional state at least for next couple of milestones as early adopters get a chance to provide feedback. Depending on how much progress is made, it may or may not be declared by end of 3.0. If you are interested, add yourself to the CC list on bug 138074.
Let me know if you discover any problems as the result of this change.
- Konstantin

From: Konstantin Komissarchik
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2007 5:20 PM
To: 'General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues.'
Subject: Heads up about a committed / unreleased change

I want to give a heads up about a change that I committed, but haven't released to the following plugins. I haven't released it because JPT needs a chance to react to it. They have a patch, but it will be Monday before they have a chance to sync, build, examine, etc. In the meantime, please don't release unreleased changes in the following plugins or we will have a broken build.
Let me know if this causes any issues for anyone.
- Konstantin


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