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[wtp-dev] Code Freeze and N&N for M3

Good morning everyone,
Since M3 is scheduled to be declared on the 14th, we're now exactly one 
week away and it's time to look at putting together the New and Noteworthy 
for this milestone.  A quick check of Bugzilla shows no bugs making use of 
the new "noteworthy" keyword, but just in case anyone has something new 
that I haven't spotted, the initial files are now seeded and previewable 
at   If a project 
hasn't added any content by the time I add the M3 announcement to our news 
feed, I'll just comment out your page, so don't worry about it if there's 
nothing to put in.  As before, you can either make updates yourselves or 
send me the information you want put in and I can make the changes for 
you.  If you're any having trouble at all, just ask me for help.

Folder: www/webtools/development/news/3.0M3

Thanks, and remember, tonight should be our final build except for 
critical and stop-ship fixes.

Nitin Dahyabhai
WTP Source Editors

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