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[wtp-dev] Question about the fix to Bug 163391

Hello Chuck and Jason,


I have a question regarding the fix for  


The fix has tightened the condition logic to only unload resources that are “Referenced resource” and not consistent…


Could you elaborate on what is a “referenced resource” please  (based on the code, a “referenced resource” must be an instance of org.eclipse.wst.common.internal.emf.resource.ReferencedResource).


In my case, I have a resource that is an instance of org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.XMLResourceImpl, and due to the fix, the resource no longer gets unloaded when it is outdated.  As a result, the EMF model representing the resource is out of sync when the resource is modified.


Your feedback and any recommendation for a workaround would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.



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