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[wtp-dev] Please check out "minimum" JDT Compiler settings

In bug
I've explained what our default build "warning" settings are.

And, I've created a preference file that matches these settings, as I best I could ... except there are some are 'errors'
instead of 'warnings', to make it very unlikely that warnings (such as "unused imports" get checked into CVS).

If it looks correct, and teams find it useful, please put it in each of your projects so we can make progress on
eliminating our warnings problem.

Just write comments in the bug if it looks right, looks wrong, or you if you found it useful or not.

Do keep in mind this is currently the minimum. Which means, don't overwrite yours if you have stricter ones already.
And, remember, we want to get current warnings to zero so then we can step it up ... perhaps start flagging unguarded nulls,
for example.

This will become a weekly focus item before too long, and likely 0 warnings will become a criteria to declare a build!
There's no excuse for it as far as I can tell.


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