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[wtp-dev] Fun with wiki categories

I was looking for something fun to do this weekend :)
so decided to play with our wiki pages.

The main change (and reason for this note) is that I added the concept of "subcategories"
for our pages. I think that'll make them much more useful. But, the problem is, I'm not
really sure what the categories should be. I added a few, mostly as examples or
tests of the concept (that was the fun part :)
but will now leave it to other authors and users to add their own
subcategories and/or mark their pages for the subcategories.
I guess they can evolve over time, so be creative and use anything
you think would be helpful. If we end up with more than 20 then we can
look into subcategories of subcategories?!

I started a wiki page for how to do subcategories!

Keep in mind though, I'm a real wiki novice, so please feel free to improve
either the "how to" page or the subcategories.

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