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[wtp-dev] RE: How to correctly setup WebProject depencies projects

Thanks for the detailed reply.  Good to know I am not going crazy.  I posted
on the newsgroup (which is called webtools not WTP, in case anyone else is
looking) as well so thanks for that pointer.

The Quick Fix trick from the bug ID you posted had an effect - but I still
don't get a working application.  I will keep digging, and post back to the

Rob Frost wrote:
> Hi David,
> You're right about this list not containing much user-related traffic;
> it is meant for issues related to WTP development/extension. The right
> forum in the future for this type of question is the WTP newsgroup.
> You need to use the J2EE Module Dependencies UI
> (Project->Properties->J2EE Module Dependencies) to created a WEB-INF/lib
> dependency between your dynamic web project (ProjectB) and your Java
> project (ProjectA).
> Adding this dependency will then expose ProjectA on the classpath of
> ProjectB via the WTP "Web App Libraries" classpath container (so you
> don't need to manually add it to the classpath of ProjectB first) and,
> when you publish or export ProjectB, ProjectA will be added as a JAR
> inside the WEB-INF/lib directory of ProjectB.
> If these hibernate files/classes are referenced from ProjectA via an
> exported library cp entry, you'll need to take an additional step after
> adding the "J2EE Module Dependency" from ProjectB->ProjectA (that
> library cp entry needs to be marked with a special WTP classpath
> attribute flagging it for publish/export, see
> for details on how
> this can be done via the QuickFix on the problem marker associated with
> that library cp entry in ProjectA)
> FYI: We are considering some changes for 3.0 that should greatly
> simplify the interdependencies beweeen the Java build path and Java EE
> module dependencies (i.e. in most cases users will simply be able to
> configure the project classpath and the expected module structure will
> be generated during publish/export: see
> and
> CPvsJavaEEModDeps for more information on that)
> -Rob
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> I can see  there isn't much traffic on this list (as far as questions
> actaully being answered).  Is there a better place to get support?  I
> have this problem (see below).  I can't see what use WTP is in practice
> if you really can't load from the classpath in another project in the
> workspace, so I want to believe I am just doing something wrong.  Anyone
> got any hints?
> thebugslayer wrote:
>> Hi eclipse users,
>> I have a core java project (calling it ProjectA) that contain all my 
>> hibernate mappings xml files inside classpath along with model 
>> classes. I then have second web project(ProjectB) that uses those. I 
>> can add ProjectA into ProjectB's class build path and every compiles 
>> file.
>> But I run into problem when starting up my webapp in a server that 
>> needs to load hibernate mapping resource files based on classpath, and
>> they are not found.
>> Can someone show me what do I have to do to make this ProjectB sees 
>> all resources files that are in ProjectA's classpath?
>> Thanks for helping.
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