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Re: [wtp-dev] How to correctly setup WebProject depencies projects

I can see  there isn't much traffic on this list (as far as questions
actaully being answered).  Is there a better place to get support?  I have
this problem (see below).  I can't see what use WTP is in practice if you
really can't load from the classpath in another project in the workspace, so
I want to believe I am just doing something wrong.  Anyone got any hints?

thebugslayer wrote:
> Hi eclipse users,
> I have a core java project (calling it ProjectA) that contain all my
> hibernate mappings xml files inside classpath along with model
> classes. I then have second web project(ProjectB) that uses those. I
> can add ProjectA into ProjectB's class build path and every compiles
> file.
> But I run into problem when starting up my webapp in a server that
> needs to load hibernate mapping resource files based on classpath, and
> they are not found.
> Can someone show me what do I have to do to make this ProjectB sees
> all resources files that are in ProjectA's classpath?
> Thanks for helping.
> -- 
> /bugslayer
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