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[wtp-dev] What to do with bugs in a "resolved - remind" state?

As mentioned in
the "resolved - remind" state may be going away.

I've update our WTP bugzilla workflow document to describe what I think should be

done instead of using "remind" ... which is basically to use "worksforme" or "invalid" instead,
depending on the details. See

(and, feel free to suggest other conventions or constraints).

We have only 13 bugs in the resolved-remind state ... and suspect most of those
can/should be easily marked as "worksforme" or "invalid".

Please take a look to see if you own any of these that should have their resolution state changed before moving to Bugzilla 3.0 (which is "before end of July"):

So far so good ... but, there are 69 bugs in the "closed - remind" state. And it is hard to know what that means ... I suspect they were mistakenly "closed" simply
because they were very old "resolved" bugs. Here I'm out of ideas ... suggestions welcome ... we could just leave and see what happens, or, if anyone has
time to look at so many I guess they could be resolved in a better state (many are mine! :(! s.bug_id&query_based_on=

Thank you for your attention to this bookkeeping.

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