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[wtp-dev] What to do with bugs marked with "Later"?

It appears a dedicated group of bug watchers would like to get rid of "resolved - LATER" when we move to bugzilla 3.0.
I'm not sure if that will happen or not, but suggest we get rid of this deprecated field.

Accordingly, I added a "Future" milestone target to each WTP project.
I also did a "mass update" to the 42 bugs marked "resolved - later",
changing them to "reopened" with a "future" milestone target.
Those should be (re) examined as we ponder our requirements for 3.0, but figured
the "future" designation was the best state to move it to, before bugzilla 3.0 upgrade.

I've update our WTP bugzilla workflow document to describe the convention of using "future" --
it should NOT be used for "mass updates" to all untargeted bugs ... feel free to add to this workflow document.

One thing I could not easily handle is the  bugs that were marked "closed - later".
Will the assignee's of these bugs listed below please go through them and
if the bug was really fixed and closed, please remove the "later" resolution by re-opening and resolving correctly.
If these were mistakenly put in "closed" state, then simply re-open them, and move to an appropriate milestone target.

118449  cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE WTP - internal API
115301  jlanuti@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE Module.getAdapter() adaptes incorrectly
122761   jlanuti@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE Incorrect EJB IVirtualComponent returned
146336   jsf.core-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE Source types do not resolve in super-classes
147389   jsf.core-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE Validation markers are not removed after as-you-type vali...
147988   jsf.core-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE [faces-config editor] All code is identified as API
148730   jsf.core-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE Plug-in org.eclipse.jst.jsf.facesconfig inadvertently dec...
178395   kchong@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE Make XSD Editor more extensible
128996   kosta@xxxxxxx CLOS LATE FacetSelectionPanel error dialog never goes away
58368   richkulp@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE Init parser cannot handle bitwise OR in font style
94889   wst-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE [arch] Request for API Review for M5: common.frameworks
94891   wst-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE [arch] Request for API Review for M5: WST Server Component
79157   wst.rdb-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE RDB Perspective
129189   yung-chang.chen@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE Performance is not good when extarcting JAR from jsfLibra...
104387   jst.j2ee-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx CLOS LATE TVT 3.1: TCT 299 - Truncated Strings

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