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Re: [wtp-dev] [Help Wanted] M10 wst.javascript: Quality

Great!  Although I think that that Help Wanted list is very outdated by 
now, the JavaScript component could very much use help with defining unit 
tests.  Are there any areas in particular you were thinking of adding 
tests for?

In any case, to get things ready I've added test plugins for the 
JavaScript component to our CVS repository under 
wst/components/javascript/tests/.  The "Developing the WTP with Eclipse" 
tutorial, at 
, should get you up and running with the test plugins' sources so you can 
start working.  The best way to move forward would be to attach the 
patches to new Bugzilla bug reports that you create.  Feel free to ask any 
questions about the process on the mailing list, although questions about 
implementing the tests are best placed into the Bugzilla bug reports 

Welcome aboard and I hope to hear more from you.

Nitin Dahyabhai
Structured Source Editing

"Paulo Rogerio Menezes Souza" <pauloiam@xxxxxxxxx> 
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06/30/2007 01:48 AM
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[wtp-dev] [Help Wanted] M10 wst.javascript: Quality

I'd like to help with the item: Define and enhance JUnit testcases.

Paulo Rogerio Menezes Souza

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