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RE: [wtp-dev] Jetty adaptor

Hi Jan, 

I am not from the WTP Server component, but I can give you a quick rough

There are generally two possibilities to place the source code of the Jetty
1) If you develop it under the EPL license, I suggest that it can be
included in the WTP cvs repository and be distributed with the WTP releases.
There are already examples of this with the Tomcat, JBoss, etc. servers.  
2) You can develop it somewhere else (e.g. Jetty source repo) under
arbitrary license and place the server adapter as a feature on an update
site hosted somewhere (Jetty web site). In this case you only have to
contribute the URL to the update site to WTP. There is a tool in WTP that
will find the Jetty adapter automatically. 

There is a very nice presentation about building server adapters. It was
part of a tutorial on EclipseCon 2007:

You have to download the archive:
and have a look a presentation No. 8. 

Another source can be the new Eclipse WTP book:

There is chapter for adding new server adapter. 


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Hi all,

I tried mailing the wtp-jst-dev list a week or so ago, but from
the silence, it seems like perhaps this is a better list?

I'm one of the leads on the Jetty project, and I'm starting to develop
a Jetty adapter for the web tooling/jst components.

Do these adapters normally live in the Eclipse source repository or
are they normally hosted by the web server's project? If the latter,
what kind of arrangements does a project need to make in order to offer
an adapter that can be easily downloaded and installed into Eclipse

Finally, any pointers to tutorials, whitepapers or presentations on writing
Server adapters would be very gratefully received  ;-) 

very best regards
Jan Bartel, Webtide LLC | janb@xxxxxxxxxxx |
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