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[wtp-dev] RC0 new and noteworthy folder ready to go

Blank documents for RC0's New and Noteworthy have been seeded into in the web site repository.  I know we're all working on those final fixes to RC0, but as we put our changes in, remember that our users need to know they're there or they won't benefit from them.  After all, have you tried Ctrl+3 (Quick Access), yet?

Repository -
Path - /webtools/development/news/2.0RC0

You can check out the current version from  Try to keep our screenshots tightly focused on the UI elements we want to show and less that 800 pixels wide if possible--anything larger stretches the Phoenix site layout and becomes unreadable unless you have a very wide display.  Use the .png format rather than .jpg.  Crop judiciously.  And remember, we want to show off interesting things that the user can see, not take the place of a proper readme or build notes.

If anyone needs help, just let me know.

Nitin Dahyabhai
Structured Source Editing

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