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[wtp-dev] Regrets for WTP statuis call, Status on JSF related issues..

Hi John,


I have requested Gerry Kessler to attend the meeting. Following is the status on all the JSF related items.





1)       JSF - Should JSF be using a target 1.5.4 M154 like the rest of WTP? If so, Raghu, can you add this to the JSF project in bugzilla?

a.       We are not working on 1.5.4.

2)       1.5.x Untriaged Bugs (~26) JSF=14, Server=7

a.       Triaged



1)       Update feature version numbers for WST and JST to 2.0, JPA and JSF 1.0

a.       JSF version moved to 1.0

2)       Add JSF and JPA performance JUnits

a.       Still pending.


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