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[wtp-dev] FW: WTP and usability

Some more usability gripes from users.


As in the last usability feedback we collected, one of the requests is for a bundled runtime. This is being tracked by


Will WTP 2.0 address EE5 entity bean support? I know that Dali supports JPA, but it’s not clear to me what the extent of our EJB support will be.



Jess Garms

BEA Systems


Some of this info might be not completely accurate, as I have not followed the latest developments at webtools.


However, here are a few pointers:


Eclipse Server tooling usability:

JSR88 support missing


From my point of view the server tooling is also strange because servers are handled like resources (create with the New menu), not like preferences.


Other usability topics:

There are threading issues with the structured source editors (xml, jsp, html, ...) that have been known since two years - it seems they are getting addressed right now.

The structured source editors are quite memory heavy.


Many of the new "state of the art" concepts in web development are not very well supported, e.g:

 - no code completion for _expression_ language

 - no jee 1.5 support for entity beans


Another area is the pre-integration with a server environment out of the box - making it much easier to run examples without getting exposed the details of server configuration.

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