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RE: [wtp-dev] Project Facets Tutorial

Tutorial Feedback: (using eclipse 3.2 and WST 1.5)


This may be dated, but I recently joined the wtp-dev list and immediately found this tutorial relevant to my current work

and figured it may be beneficial to post my feedback.


Overall, well done and thanks for the tutorial.  I have no experience developing facets. It was quite helpful for me to understand project facets.


1. I started with and followed along the tutorial without any issues until I got to Step 7 - adding wizard pages, where

I cut&pasted all the code and ended up with a 'failed to instantiate class' error when trying to run the wizard. 

Due to lack of time I did not investigate and instead switched to the and went through the remainder of the tutorial. 


2. In the tutorial, the xml is incorrect in Part 3 where you give the example constraint code to cut&paste - the project-facet-version element does not have the correct closing tag


3. The plugin.xml has some warnings :

Element facet is not a legal child of element preset

Element category is not a legal child of element project-facet


4. using code as-is,  the preset Configurations do not show up in the New Dynamic Web Project - Dynamic Web Project wizard page nor the New Dynamic Web Project - Project Facets wizard page.

They do show up in the Add/Remove Project facets page, but show an error when selected : "Cannot change version of project facet Dynamic Web Module to 2.2"





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