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[wtp-dev] Agenda of the WTP Status Telecon, 2006-09-21

Dail-in numbers

USA:   1-210-795-1100

Toll Free:   866-880-0098

Participant passcode:   5433170

1. WTP 1.5.1 Status

9/15: Code freeze for WTP 1.5.1 and start of downstream projects’ (TPTP, e.g.) final readiness and verification cycle. (Any requested changes or P1 bugs discovered required PMC approval to fix.)

9/15: Date by which all Callisto projects are maintenance build ready and update site loading/testing can commence.

9/21 <-- You are here

9/27: Final posting of Callisto bits and mirror synchronization; update site locked during this time.

9/29: GA for first Callisto maintenance pack (including base 3.2.1 and WTP 1.5.1). Callisto update site, WTP update site, and WTP download page all available.(including all-in-one bundles for WTP 1.5.1).

2.1 Bugs pending PMC approval

2.2 Bugs targeted to 1.5.1"">

2.3 Untargeted Blocker and Critical Bugs


2.7 Bugs waiting to be verified

Component Leads:  Please get blockers and critical verified""

blocker 92
critical 164
major 536
normal 1192
minor 46
trivial 15
enhancement 153
Total 2198

3. Monday and Tuesday: Test WTP daze

        Full Regression tests

        Especially retest all main paths, most important functions

        Verify most defects in verify state (don't wait for originator)
               verify ALL blocker, critical
               verify most major (half of 536?)
               verify others if easy/obvious

        Windows and Linux

        Focus testing with 1.5 JRE ... er, with the IBM JRE :)
[really, just kidding, Sun too. others?]

        Need up/down vote by EOD Tuesday (26th) to confirm "ship" on 27th
(actually released on 29th)

4. WTP 2.0 Status

        what is WTP 2.0?
               9/26 initial PMC review,
        9/29 component lead input;
        10/4 public planning call;
        10/17 2.0 initial plan publication.

5. wtp-releng build notifications

Reminder for

committers to send me cvs id and email address (to get notified directly by cruise control)

subscribe to RSS feed for all notifications

6. Other Business?  

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