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[wtp-dev] Submission for PMC approval (1.5.1) 158079 - NullPointerException is thrown when TaglibIndex::getAvailableTaglibRecords() is called


In an odd coincidence of timing, this is almost a case of bug "158073 - registry readers should guard against rogues".  When processing the TLDs contributed through the XML Catalog, the TaglibIndex assumes that the files are actually where indicated.  It's an easy enough problem to cause since filename case matters within a .jarred plug-in whereas it often does not out on the filesystem.  The tiny patch attached to this bug ignores cases where the TLD can not be read from the location indicated by the catalog extension point.  The intended use case of the catalog is for supporting implicit tag libraries specified by server runtimes as part of the JSP spec, and they are likely to be provided in the same plug-in.  An error occurring in this method makes this API not work as a fault of the installation, and is generally not something the end user can correct themselves.

Nitin Dahyabhai