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RE: [wtp-dev] Copy/Paste j2ee projects not the same as Rename

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The current WTP project refactoring logic is only triggered for project renames & deletes (the main motivation being the correction of references in dependent projects/servers)
Please go ahead and open a bugzilla for the copy/paste use case (equivalent automatic correction of project metadata such as the deploy-name should be provided)
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Subject: [wtp-dev] Copy/Paste j2ee projects not the same as Rename


I experience some inconsistency with Copy/Paste/Rename operations over j2ee projects: ear, ejb, web.

Let's execute the following steps:
1. Create an ejb project with name 'ejb'.
2. Copy the 'ejb' project. (right-click --> Copy).
3. Choose right-click --> Paste. Choose 'ejb-copy' for name.
4. Choose right-click --> Refactor --> Rename on the 'ejb' project. Choose 'ejb-rename' for name.

Now we have two projects:
  - ejb-copy that is copy/pasted from the original 'ejb' project;
  - ejb-rename that is the renamed original 'ejb' project.

Let's now compare their .settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component files:
  - for ejb-copy we have <wb-module deploy-name="ejb"> (aren't we expect "ejb-copy" instead of "ejb"?);
  - for ejb-renamed we have <wb-module deploy-name="ejb-rename"> (looks nice here).

The described inconsistency may cause problems later on deployment, because if the user duplicates j2ee projects with copy/paste then he/she might expect that the deploy name changes automatically, too (the same way as with rename).

If you agree that this behavior is a bug I will report it to bugzilla and will try to search for a solution.

Kaloyan Raev
Senior Developer
SAP Labs Bulgaria
T +359/2/9157-416

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