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RE: [wtp-dev] Java EE 5 projects support contribution by SAP

Hi David, Chuck, Naci,
Yes, take your time on finishing with WTP 1.5.1. We need this release, too :-)
Starting discussions on week of 25th to 29th sounds ok. Can you schedule the telecon in time that is convinient to you? We will make ourselves available. Just to mentions that our team is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is the same time zone as Istanbul, Turkey. Just make sure that you not schedule the telecon in our dark hours.
I have created bug 157185 to track the contribution: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=157185. All patches are attached there.
I am going to read over the legal documents as well.
Kaloyan Raev
Senior Developer
SAP Labs Bulgaria
T +359/2/9157-416

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Excellent Kaloyan! Sounds like this will be a great contribution! And, you sure are keeping up with the plan, since you quote some of my quick updates from late last night!

As I'm sure you know, we are busy finishing up 1.5.1. And, I'd like another 7 to 10 days for some of the component leads and committers to finish the initial planning.

Then we were going to have a "public" phone meeting to discuss the plan with interested parties and adopters. So ... that would be during the week of 25th to 29th.
I think that would be the best time to start these discussions, but will let Chuck and Naci chime in, as I would expect them to "drive" this planning and design discussions.
(And, my first preference is to have the meetings separate from the status meetings and pmc meetings, since those meetings have their own purpose, topics and agendas).
We have had the status meetings ... looks like the notes were only sent to mailing list, not put on web?)

Do feel free to open the feature requests and attach patches, as you discussed. Some discussion could start there.
And, since this sounds like a lot of code, you should fill out a contribution questionnaire (for "significant contribution").
(see http://www.eclipse.org/legal/)


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Please respond to
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[wtp-dev] Java EE 5 projects support contribution by SAP


As you may remember, about two months ago, we suggested to implement support for Java EE 5 projects in WTP. Bug 149007 [1] was created to track the request.

Since that time we have gained better in-depth knowledge of the WTP codebase. We saw that the changes needed are much bigger than we have expected at the beginning. Because the changes are quite significant for maintenance release, this led us to the decision to give up the contribution for the R1.5.x maintenance codeline, but work only for the R2.0 development codeline.

What we have now is modifications of the WTP plugin that add support for Java EE 5 project. The support is not still full, but it is on a stage already working and useful. Features added by the patch follow:

        * New version constants for Java EE 5. Version conversion tools are also updated.
* New facet version for Java EE 5 projects: web 2.5, ejb 3.0, ear 5, etc.
* New Project wizards are updated to allow creation of Java EE 5 projects.
* Java EE 5 projects are created with deployment descriptors xml files that refer to the new Java EE 5 xml schemas for validation.

        * New icons (showing the newer version) for the deployment descriptors node in the j2ee navigator view.
* The Xdoclet is disabled for EJB 3.0 projects. This is because Java 5 annotations are used.
* Import and Export for Java EE 5 projects.

Known limitation:

        * Appclient 5 projects are not yet supported.
* Web and Ejb projects still create web.xml and ejb-jar.xml although this is not required. However this does not conflict with the Java EE 5 specification.

        * The model is not updated to recognize metadata annotations in the source code. As in J2EE 1.4 project the model only recognizes the project elements in the deployment descriptor. However, this does not affect the correct deployment of projects that use metadata annotations.

        * The children of deployment descriptor node for EJB 3.0 are removed. This is to avoid frustration for the user who annotates a bean and does not see it appearing under the deployment descriptor node in the j2ee navigator view.

        * The Java EE 5 has basic metadata annotations support provided by JDT tools (without additional WTP features as wizards, code-completion, etc.).

We have tested the implementation against our SAP-specific runtime target - the j2ee application server in the SAP NetWeaver platform. We have not the opportunity to test against other Java EE 5 runtime targets, because there are not any implemented yet.

We have also run j2ee automatic tests against our implementation. We also updated the tests where appropriate to test Java EE 5 functionality. Patch will be provided as well.

We think that our changes are good base for adding support for Java EE 5 projects in WTP 2.0. Moreover, they touch some important aspects of the WTP 2.0 Plan [2]:

        * investigate: import a JEE5 project (help wanted)
* investigate: export/publish a JEE5 project (help wanted)
* validate a JEE5 project (help wanted)

I am going to close the feature requests for the R1.5.x contribution and create a new one for R2.0 with the patch attached there. But first we want to have discussion with WTP J2EE developers about the topic via telecon meeting. Is it possible to use the status telecon [3] tomorrow? I see that it has not been held for the last 2-3 weeks. If not possible, then may be the pmc call on Tuesday?

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=149007

Kaloyan Raev

Senior Developer


SAP Labs Bulgaria

T +359/2/9157-416

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