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RE: [wtp-dev] Using Java 5 language features in WTP 2.0

Ok, so I’d like to request PMC approval to use Java 5 features in wst.common.facet.core and facet.ui plugins. The reason is that the API of both of these plugins has been designed from the start to utilize parameterized collections (generics) and enumerations. The API in these plugins has been shipped in a “provisional” state for the 1.0 and 1.5 releases. The current plan is to move this API into the “declared” status for the 2.0 release. However, that cannot happen until collections in the API are properly parameterized and the fake enum classes are replaced with real enums. Note that this is not the only issue currently blocking the API declaration, but the plan is to resolve the other issues in the 2.0 release.


- Konstantin



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On the status call today we agreed to the following policy:

  • Implementations in the “common” component will be restricted to 1.4.x VM levels, which implies Java 1.4 language features (no Java 5 features, such as generics). However, developers can request permission of the PMC to use Java 5 language features on a plugin-by-plugin basis.
  • All other components in WTP are free to use Java 5 language features, and WTP as a project will require a Java 5-level VM in the 2.0 (“Europa”) release and will need to be compiled with a Java 5-level compiler.


Maintenance releases on the 1.x lines (1.5.1, 1.5.2, etc.) are unchanged – they are still restricted to Java 1.4 language features and must compile and run on a Java 1.4 JDK/VM.


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