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[wtp-dev] Generating Nicely Grouped Milestone Plan Reports from Bugzilla

On the telecon today we discussed the use of Bugzilla as the primary way to record plan items. One of the problems is that there will be a lot of items and we need a better way to group them, for example, into Themes. I suggest we use the URL field in Bugzilla for this purpose.

We should define Theme documents on the Wiki. These documents can point to more detailed specs in our Web site. We should use the Theme documents to classify the Bugzilla entries by entering the URL of the Theme document in the Bugzilla URL field. We can then develop reports that group Bugzilla entries by URL.

We can also use the Theme documents to provide some level of hierarchy, say by adopting a naming convention for the URLs or using fragment ids for subtopics on a Theme page.

In the past, we generated Milestone Plan reports from Bugzilla by running a script and committing the generated report to CVS (which then refreshes the Web site). This meant that the reports were always slightly out of date. We should convert these scripts to PHP so they are executed on demand and therefore always up to date.

Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

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