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RE: [wtp-dev] Blocking socket calls on the UI thread

The org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.catalogContributions extension point might
be useful to you.


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Subject: Re: [wtp-dev] Blocking socket calls on the UI thread

Thanks Jeffrey.  Now at least my test completes, but it still takes 45 
sec or so for a very simple test to run (all it's doing is creating a 
new web project).  It appears to still be spending much of that time on 
a socket to get a Berkeley license for the web.xml DTD.  Is it possible 
to some workaround this or perhaps cache the license somehow?


Jeffrey Liu wrote:

> Hi Cameron,
> Try setting the following system properties:
> http.proxySet = true
> http.proxyHost = <host>
> http.proxyPort = <port>
> http.proxyUserName = <username if authentication is enabled>
> http.proxyPassword = <password if authentication is enabled>
> For https connections, the system properties are *https.* instead of 
> *http.*
> Thanks,
> Jeffrey Liu
> IBM Rational Software
> IBM Toronto Lab.
> 8200 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario, L6G 1C7
> Internal mail: D3/UMZ/8200/MKM (D3-268)
> T/L: 969 3531
> Tel: (905) 413 3531
> Fax: (905) 413 4920
> jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx

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