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Re: [wtp-dev] Project Facets Tutorial

Hi Konstantin,

I just got around to looking at this... great job! This is extremely helpful. Would it be possible for you to provide some information on how facet configurations can be passed to each other? For example if the wizard page for facet B depended on information from facet A in order to pre-populate some fields. Is this possible? I see the interim API class IWizardContext which contains a getConfig method but some usage examples on this would be great.



On Jun 1, 2006, at 8:15 PM, Konstantin Komissarchik wrote:

The first draft of the Project Facets Tutorial is now available. If anyone can spare a few cycles to review it and send me your comments that would be much appreciated. I am interesting in hearing from both the people who have experience developing facets as well as those who have never seen this API before. Let me know what’s unclear, what’s not covered, or anything else you can think of. Make sure to reply directly to me so as not to spam everyone.


- Konstantin

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